We are closing our office September 30th!

Existing patients can access their records at rochesterlmgroup.com/portal

Unfortunately, our medical group is closing as of 9/30/21 and we are no longer accepting new patients.

Our providers will be available for scheduled appointments at our current office until the closing date on September 30, 2021. After that, Dr. Susan Friedman will be available to continue to see you for Lifestyle Medicine visits at Geriatrics and Medical Associates located at 990 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620. To ensure continuity of care, your medical records will be automatically transferred to Dr. Friedman’s new office on 9/30/21. Please feel free to call her new office at (585) 341-6775 after 9/20/21 to schedule an appointment. Of course, you are welcome to choose another provider and have your records transferred elsewhere if you wish.

Call the office at 585-484-1254 or email us at info@roclifemed.com for more information.

RLMG Closure Letter (PDF)Medical Record Release (PDF)

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